About US

With a proven track record, Snipers Elite Lacrosse is the premier choice for girls lacrosse in Westchester County. A nationally recognized name in club lacrosse, we are an elite women-owned and run program that prioritizes the growth and development of our student-athletes, as people and players.

Care and love of the sport are at the center of all we do. We aim to foster an inclusive environment where each athlete feels challenged and encouraged on and off the field. At Snipers, we know that sports are an avenue for developing confidence and leadership skills which is why our coaching staff is comprised of strong, goal-oriented women who have played and coached at the highest level our sport has to offer. With experience coaching at the youth, high school, collegiate, and international levels, lacrosse is not a side job, it’s who we are. In addition to our coaching staff, we have a dedicated team of full-time staff members who ensure that Snipers continues to be a top name in the club lacrosse world.

Our Elite Team comprehensive year-long calendar integrates team practices, sports performance classes, and attendance at high-exposure events to help build a dynamic player experience.

Key Partnerships:


Included in our team fees, each athlete has the opportunity to focus on sports performance at ALTAFIT through personalized goal-oriented classes.

Ophir Field

The majority of our training takes place at Ophir Field at Manhattanville College - a premier indoor/outdoor turf facility in the heart of Westchester County.


Each high school Sniper has an IWLCARecruits profile, included in their team fees, to coordinate and streamline their recruiting process.


This virtual sports coaching program gives Snipers access to at-home training as well as a digital playbook that breaks down our offensive and defensive systems.