Elite Teams

Our athletes attend sports performance classes at ABTsolute Training Systems, have access to at-home training through Famer, and our high school players use IWLCARecruits to coordinate and streamline their recruiting process. In addition, our year-long curriculum includes regular team practices, winter training, and access to the top recruiting tournaments. 

High school teams compete in a highly visible & competitive recruiting tournament schedule. Our goal is to play the best competition possible and expose our players to college coaches. For those who want to play collegiate lacrosse, players and their families will meet with our director of recruiting, Abi Jackson, to discuss college goals and develop a plan for their individualized recruiting process. 

Middle school teams compete in a highly competitive tournament schedule, with the goal of exposing players to the best competition possible to prepare our middle school players to take their game to the next level. They build their foundational skillset and develop lacrosse IQ for the various systems implemented on the field. 

Youth teams focus on fundamentals and individual skills while starting to learn team strategy (beginning of team offense & defense, rides, etc). Tournament play includes both 7v7 and full-field tournaments in the region, with the emphasis on development through lots of on-field time.